Hi, I’m Joy. I am a born-again Christian who lives for Jesus every day. I exist to bring God all honor and glory to His Holy name. I am happily married to a wonderful husband, and I am blessed to be a mother of two amazing boys turned young teenagers. Every day, I wake up and I thank the Lord that I have another day to share His love to the world. I love Jesus, hence the reason for creating this blog. I live and breathe because God allows me to and that alone is a blessing! This is why I spread the word of God on a continual daily basis, because I am grateful to my Lord and Savior for all He has done for me. So, whether it be writing posts, creating content, writing original songs or poetry, music, serving my community, etc… I’ll continue to use my life and all the gifts He gave me to worship and praise God above. It is all for God to bring Him all the glory He deserves. I am a giver and to this broken world, I will keep on shining God’s light to everyone. I hope I can inspire you to really grow closer to the Lord with all of my efforts here on The Daily Joy Blog. Thanks for your valuable time and God bless you and your family always! May the love of Christ be with you all!

Singing always to the Lord,

Leticia Joy Santa Cruz