Affirmations of Self

“I love those who love me, and those who seek me diligently find me.”

Proverbs 8:17 ESV

[Inner Feelings——Outer Walk]

I feel unworthy—>I know I am worthy!

I am angry—>I can remain calm in the storm

I am impatient—>I will learn to be patient

I feel ugly—>I am very beautiful!

I feel so weak—>I am strong and courageous

I feel depressed—>I will lift my eyes to God

I am poor—>I am richly blessed by the Lord!

I am very moody—>I will breathe in and out

I am confused—>I will open my Bible to read

I am frustrated—>I will trust God with all

I have no goals nor desires—>I will dream!

I am unhappy—>I am extremely grateful!

I am not satisfied—>I am content with all

I don’t know what I want—>I will pray about what I need

I feel empty—>My cup is filled with love

I am mad—>I will be happy

I feel less than—>I am smart with God’s wisdom

I feel lost in life—>I will turn to Christ

I will not hurt others—>I bless all people

I feel fat—>I am healthy and motivated

I am irritated—>I will remain in faith

I am broke—>I have more than enough!

I do not curse—>I speak good things!

I feel like a coward—>I have what it takes!

I feel selfish—>I am a giving spirit!

I am miserable—>I will be overjoyed!

I am not a thief—>I will be an honest soul

I feel unaccepted—>I’m loved by JesusChrist

I am so forgetful—>I will start to remember

I’ve had enough—>I will look for God’s help

I am bitter—>Life is sweet!

I am not a liar—>I tell the truth!

I am done!—>I will continue to push forward

I feel stuck—>I am free in Jesus’ name!

I am sad—>I will change and be glad!

I can’t handle this life—>I will carry my cross!

I am fearful—>I am confident in Jesus!

I am not a cheater—>I am delivered!

I feel ashamed—>I am washed by the blood of Christ!

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Hi there everyone! You might know me from Daily Bible Quotes on social media. My name is Leticia Joy and I created this blog (Daily Joy) to hopefully inspire you to give your life to Christ. He alone can help you change and bring you into a deeper relationship with Him. Amen.

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