Waves of Destruction

What an awful outcome from an awful concert festival. Truly saddening to see everything the news has said about the victims and the people who filed law suits because of so many injuries.

Today toll went up to 10 victims. Ezra was a fan of Travis Scott so his dad took him to the concert. How devastating it must be to lose a child, the nine year old boy died from injuries after being put on life support.

At the concert his dad had placed him up on his shoulders and then the audience started surging and becoming very crowded as a massive wave, that’s when Ezra’s dad lost balance when he passed out and the boy fell down, being trampled over by so many people. The stampede of madness was brutal.

I had never seen one of Travis Scott’s music videos much less attend a concert. I watched one the other day just to see how the Devil uses these people to entice the masses. It is just awful! Why do people like this— it brings absolutely no value to Jesus Christ and no glory is given to God.

It is all about the demons on the hunt for blood. Satan uses these rap stars to do his bidding. They are so lost and need Jesus. Repent if you listen to this garbage. Jesus is waiting for you to want to turn your life around and do so before it’s too late for you.

50k people went to this concert but how many want to go to a church service or how many people actually open their Bibles at home sincerely looking for God? Not many I can tell you that.

Compare the way of the world to the way of the righteous. The way to Hell is crowded with people but the road that leads to salvation lack people to fill the seats. Choose to sit with the Lord God vs. to stand in the crowd of destruction.

When you go to church you expect good tones of music and peaceful lyrics and sounds and that’s what you normally get to experience at a Bible-based church.

Only a few amount of sheep are found in the churches and they can be counted, on the other hand, fifty thousand souls who love the darkness instead of God. They think that this is cool. Truly sad. It’s Hell. I don’t understand how they don’t see that fact. And they went to this nonsense of a concert and it turned out to be a real life horror show.

People said they experienced awful sounds hours prior to the show starting. This was intentional to cause people to lose it. They knew exactly what they were doing to the audience and took advantage of them being there. These celebrities are fully responsible for the mayhem they caused.

Take a look at this video.

What did they expect? It is all violence and brutality. They do not love the Lord Jesus nor abide in God. Just by looking at these rappers, their videos, the lyrics to their songs, it becomes obvious they are not of God who dwells in the Highest of Heaven.

They are those who work for the Devil in the lowest depths of Hell. Why do you think they use the fire and the portal to other side and the upside down cross as a stage? But the way they dress and speak says it all to me.

I find no value in that. Look closely at what this is—it goes against God’s Ten Commandments. All these people gather to worship Travis Scott and Drake. They put these celebrities as idols. God says not to put idols or anything before Him.

Look at his shirt—Scott has blue living people crossing into the door (portal to hell) and turning them into red demons and it is right there, not even hidden. He knew what he was doing—raging up the crowd— it was premeditated and thought out. This is premeditated murder, even if Scott might say he was on stage and had no hand in it. He did because he caused people to rage and stomp and jump and bring out their chaotic self. He invoked the chaos by telling these people to throw up the middle finger and not care about anyone or anything.

But it was looked at as a tragic accident in the crowd so he won’t get charged for the murder of these people. These celebrities are not moral people. They do not have goodness and real kindness in them. He is with Kylie Jenner and she and her family of Kardashians are Satanic—Satan’s puppets.

Her dad transformed into a woman. All of her family have changed themselves with tons of plastic surgery that they are unrecognizable to who they were before. Kylie looks nothing like she used to, but all this is because they aren’t happy with who God made them to be.

They prefer fake looks that Satan can give than real beauty that is God-given. And because they reject God and Jesus Christ, they all are on their way to Hell.

Kylie in a ‘fake’ blood bath. Who knows if it in fact is fake blood—it could be real blood for all we know. How disturbing! They are satanists and they don’t care to hide it. They need fresh blood for Satan so they can get money, fame, and glory. I believe that’s what happened at the concert. It was a satanic ritual they were doing taking those eight lives as the hint were the eight fire flames. They are far from God and know not the good works of Jesus.

This concert was a no good atmosphere. Yet too many people throw away their money all to go to events like this. Humanity wake up! Serve Jesus Christ and be saved today, lest be thrown into the pit of fire. Astroworld is not of God and it never will be a good place.

Rappers sell out their concert tickets like hot cakes. But, ever wonder how they have so much success? Well, they cast spells on the music to lure children to listen to it. They add subliminal messaging in their videos and lyrics and if you play it backwards you can hear evil things on their music tracks. This is how Satan operates. He gives these artists/rappers fame, money, and glory and all their hearts desires.

All this doesn’t glorify God. God should be the only one to receive all the glory and fame for Only God is worth everything. Money, gold, jewels, etc..everything belongs to God. You belong to God. Get right with your Father God before it’s too late and you die without accepting Christ in your life.

Romans 6:23 ESV

‘For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.’

For the Bible says that if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will be cast and thrown into Hell. I don’t want this to happen to you. Please reach for your Bible and open it. Read it. Repent. Truly pray to God on your knees for salvation.

Revelation 21:8 ESV

“But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”

People were scared for their lives at that event turned horror show. They were suffocating, passing out, having cardiac arrests, while others were injected with some phantom drug to possibly start the panic.


The crowd waves kept up and many people got injured. Eight concert goers ended up dead and the rappers kept on their performance as if they knew nothing was happening. They put up a ‘show’ but I believe it was all intentional and they knew exactly what they were doing.

Imagine being there in a tight space and you could barely breathe. What claustrophobic nightmare! They were literally passing out from lack of oxygen and even a security guard said he got pricked with something in his neck. When he woke up it was chaos, so yes I believe it was orchestrated. Even the flyer had the symbol of a needle/shot.

I pray so much for all the concert-goers to see the truth. Do not be spiritually blinded any longer. The deaths of 8 lives were sacrificed to the Devil by these rappers. They have their blood on their hands. It was Travis Scott’s event festival and the one who reportedly told the crowd to jump over and rush forward. There’s history of him doing this in his concerts, knowing the risks of death—he still pushed it to happen..almost as if he wanted it to happen.

Now they’re both being sued by many attendees for inciting mayhem that led to the deaths of 8 civilians on that day. Bharti and Ezra have made the death toll 10. The two died from their injuries after fighting for their lives in the hospital.

They spilled young blood and they know it. God is profoundly unhappy by this ordeal, but Satan loves it. Realize it now that Travis Scott and Drake are Satanic and the whole thing even felt like a satanic ritual, some people claimed. Rebuke this evil music out of your life now and out of the lives of those you care about. In Jesus’ name!

It is sickening that these rappers went to party at a strip club after the fact that the deaths occurred. I’m pretty sure they went to celebrate and not to mourn. However, they claim they didn’t know anyone had died, which I do not believe. They saw the commotion going on. A few even tried getting security to help and others got on stage to get their attention.

With Drake spending 1 Million Dollars—what person in their right mind would do this!? They are not people—these rappers are demonic and possessed by demons because they choose the evil instead of choosing God. Do yourself a favor and stay far away from them, but pray for them to change and receive Jesus into their hearts.

Powerful Prayer:


Receive our broken hearts today and help us Oh, God. Be close to the broken-hearted and comfort them in their loss. We grieve with them for this horrific day that happened. Father, be with all these people who experienced this live and in the flesh and start to change their hearts. Draw them closer to you Jesus and help them listen to your holy music instead. You know them but many of them don’t know You. I pray You speak to them Lord. You know how they will listen to You so help them see the truth behind the veil. Help them surrender their lives to you and gather instead in your house as opposed to these evil festivals that end in death. You bring life and healing and restore what has been broken. Father, be with the ones that were lost but found a way out. Lead them closer to the cross. Show them your mercy. I continue to pray for the victims and their families. Rest their souls in eternity and be with the families who are in anguish. This sudden tragic loss of lives is devastating. Help all of us heal. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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