Blessed Harvest

“Sow a thought and reap an act. Sow an act and you reap a habit. Sow a habit and you reap a character. Sow a character and you reap a destiny.”

–Charles Reade

Although, it sometimes is really hard to put on a happy face, we should be happy to be alive. We shouldn’t take anything for granted–not the people around us, our jobs, our homes, meals, H2O, and even the things that give us a quality of life. For instance, we need beds so that we can get enough sleep to welcome tomorrow well-rested. We have so much to be grateful about. Our safety is a major priority. You must feel safe in the neighborhood you reside at, if you don’t feel safe wherever it is that you live, then it’s important that you make the right plans in order to move somewhere where you will feel safe. And there is always safety in God.

No matter where you are, count on God to keep you safe. He gave you Jesus in your heart. You have the Holy Spirit as a Christian to help you make good decisions, and you also have the Word, which is the Sword. This is your weapon to fight any enemy you will ever encounter. Don’t rely on man-made guns and knives. This is violence. The Holy Bible is your sword to fight with. No demon can stand the Word of God and the Enemy will scatter once you read the word and proclaim the Blood of Christ. So wherever you are, wherever you live, trust God that He will sort everything out, while you hold on to the power of His word.

Psalm 126

King James Version

‘When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream.’

‘Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, “The Lord hath done great things for them.”‘

What event is this psalm referring to?

This probably refers to the return of the Jews from Babylon to Jerusalem in 538 BC. Thousands had been uprooted and taken to Babylon. Living in a foreign land, away from their homeland, they had dreamed of one day returning to Zion (that is a hill in Jerusalem). When the dream finally came true after approximately 70 years, they could hardly believe it had happened.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to keep having a good attitude when you see that everyone else is growing, moving to new places, and being blessed with more than they used to have, except you. However, that is not true. You are blessed as well. Material items, or even talents that you may want to have, you might not have because God has your own unique destiny. He created you with specific purpose and chose you to be you, not anyone else. So don’t be jealous of what anyone else has. Don’t go comparing yourself to this person or that person.

They might have a new home, new cars, great careers, and a beautiful family. On the other hand, you might be single trying to look for the right person, with a beat up car, and a halfway decent job, with no kiddos yet. God is in control and you shouldn’t worry about when your significant other will show up in your life. Some people are young when they marry, say around 22, while many others thought they’d be married by then. Those people end up marrying someone not on their timetable, but on God’s perfect timing. They might be 37 years of age, but the Lord is always precise in His methods. Let’s keep reading from Psalm 126, verses 3 and 4.

‘The Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad.’

‘Turn again our captivity, O Lord, as the streams in the south.’

**In the New International Version (NIV) Bible, Psalm 126:4 says this–“Restore our fortunes, LORD, like streams in the Negev.”

Where is the Negev?

The Negev is the area to the far south of Beersheba. Usually like a desert there are seasons of rain that leave standing pools of water and rivers of flowing water-a metaphor for God’s blessings.

God is working miracles that you aren’t even aware of. If marriage hasn’t happened yet for you, that’s okay. Trust God to work behind the scenes and eventually you will see His work in your life. All good things take time. But even if you never get married, stay strong. I know many people that were never married and remained single their whole lives. That is not to say, they had a lower quality of life. Each one of us are not created equal. God will give us and He will take away as well. It’s alright if God decides for you. He is perfect in all of His ways. It just takes trusting in God to make you happy.

Take a look at yourself right now. You are blessed right now the way you are. You are awake. You have clothes and shoes. Not everyone is fortunate to have what you have. You may or may not have food for today. You may or may not have your extremities, but maybe you are blessed right now with one or two legs and feet, with one or two arms and hands, and with one or both functioning eyes. You may or may not have all your fingers and toes, and if you do–that is amazing! God loves you! If you don’t–God has given you beautiful life no matter how many fingers and toes you have. God is in search for hearts who truly love Him. You belong to God the way you are. He loves you regardless of how you think you look! To God, you are perfect! Let’s continue reading the last two verses of the psalm, which are verses 5 and 6.

‘They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.’

‘He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.’

Why would anyone weep while planting a seed?

During times of drought, sowing seed was accompanied by anxiety (even sweat). Were they just wasting the seed or would rains come and bring a harvest? This psalm reminded the people that bleak days, such as those in captivity, had turned to joy. It also encouraged those still living with tears and fears to anticipate God’s future blessing and joy.

So smile. Go ahead 🙂 You have a brain that can think and read this, a heart that can relate to everything I’m saying, and ears to hear your surroundings. You are brilliantly made by your Creator who loves you so much. Keep open your eyes so that you can see more blessings in your life. They are everywhere you turn. Blessings are all around you.

Even if you work harder than anyone you know, and it seems like it’s just not enough, you are enough for Jesus. Don’t give in to the voice of the Enemy popping lies in your thoughts. That isn’t the truth. You are wonderfully made. You are enough to make your dreams a reality. You may feel like you don’t have what it takes, but start by talking good thoughts to yourself. God loves you and He values you. Do not doubt that. Let’s now read this poem by a wonderful poet named Isaac Watts, and the topic is about the psalm we just went over.

Psalm 126 Poem by Isaac Watts

Don’t give up believing in God. He will sustain you. He’s given you a mind of a warrior so train your thoughts and get these words of encouragement in before you begin to face the day. That way, even if co-workers don’t work nearly as hard as you do, yet, reap the rewards faster, you will be okay. You might think life’s not fair. It might seem like they don’t give enough of their time or energy away in order to receive as much as they have, but God has given them their blessings.

In due time, you will reap blessings from God too, if you start planting the seeds correctly. Believe me, God loves to bless people. Sometimes it’s not even about what we do, but it’s about who He is. He can do anything He chooses. So unexpectedly, you can find yourself having more food, for example, than even needing, so much so, that you can share and give some to your family or neighbors. Amen. God is good. Keep hoping, praying, keep seeking Him, keep at reading the Word constantly, because your time is near. Just make sure you are planting the right seeds at the right times and places. Focus your energy in the right places. Give your time into something that will grow good fruit. Invest your money somewhere that you know will bring you a harvest in due season. Find those opportunities and work on planting consistently. Don’t lose your focus, then surely, you will reap the rewards later in due time.

Exercise Your Words Speaking Your True Worth

In the early morning tell yourself these 20 affirmations so that you can begin to empower your mind with the right thoughts. You are God’s child. You are important to Him. I hope you are praying consistently and even writing your prayers down as some find it helpful to let out their feelings and expressing them on paper. It can be rather medicating to oneself as therapy is good for healing from the past. Learn to love who you are, who God made you to be, and speak these words in front of a mirror. As you say them, learn to respect yourself more. On the first round, say them. On the second round, as you say the words, mean them. And finally on round 3, live them out loud and know them in your spirit and in your heart!

Being envious of other people’s success stories and accomplishments only hurt you. Calm your emotions down and and ease your mind because this is your time of sowing seeds, and later your time will come to reap and gather your rewards. Be envious of no one. Steady your pace and don’t start letting your attention wander from what you should do. If you give way to these jealous feelings and entertain them, then you will lose sight of planting for your harvest, because you’re too worried about your neighbor having all you want. Stay on track and in your own lane. What good will come from comparing their success to yours? Let your neighbor have their blessings and be happy for them when they do, not envious. It’s in the Commandments not to be envious of your neighbor. Don’t covet. Work at having your own bountiful harvest by doing the work now, with the sweat and tears that it takes.

You can start by sowing the right seeds and placing them in the right place. I mean it literally, if you want a bountiful garden in the fields, but I also mean it figuratively. Set things in motion to work good for you. Do the research of how other people have had success. If you set your attention to the wrong things, how can you have a good result? You can’t, so set some time aside to research what you should do to sow good things for yourself and for others.

Say a person drinks alcohol all the day long, yet they say they want to better themselves and go to school to graduate with a college degree. They have a dream to go to school, and that’s wonderful, but their actions now need to align with what they want for their future. So, in this example, this person would have to stop drinking all day and focus on their change of behavior and habits. Once they have this down, they need to go even further by going to the college or university to ask about the next semester of classes and get informed, and so on. They need to plant the seeds of good steps now–leave the alcohol, get into school, stay focused and don’t lose track of what the goal is, study and pass all courses, and then it will lead to reaping the rewards of graduating school a couple of years later.

I hope you understand that for us to accomplish things in life, we have to let go of something that is hindering us from becoming the best version of ourselves, and most of the time is in our habits. It might be that a person wants to lose weight. How do they plant the seeds to get to their weight loss goal? Well, they would have to investigate what is causing the weight gain first. Then assess what they will eliminate from their diet, and what they will replace that with better food choices. Finally, they will need to incorporate exercise for max results every other day to achieve results.

So for this example, person A shouldn’t feel jealousy over person B’s weight loss of say 50 lbs. Person A should be happy for person B, who put in the work to get it done. They planted the right seeds and they were able to see the fruit of it by getting thinner. Person A, who is just getting started, isn’t going to have the same results as person B, who already did all the work to get there. Person A should use it as motivation to lose 50 lbs or more if they need to. I hope you understand the lesson. Plant now precisely without losing focus, and you will reap later a bountiful.

It’s hard to go through disappointments and stay positive and hopeful, but no matter what remind yourself that this is a season of sowing that later will bring another season of growth. If you’ll do the right thing even when it’s hard and you sow in tears, you will always reap in joy. So relinquish the old attitude keeping you from starting your harvest. Stop getting mad at others for having what you want. You need to create it for yourself. God will help you as long as you show initiative and you have a new attitude.

An attitude of happiness and an attitude of feeling always blessed no matter what goes on in life. God gives and God takes away. So no matter if He gives you anything, be happy, and if He takes away from you, remember to remain happy with what the Lord has given you. You can always sow and reap. It may be taking longer than usual to see results, but if you do your part, be still in the season, waiting on God to bring it to pass.

You may not see it happening, but don’t give up. Keep your faith up and believe that your time is coming. So let your neighbor enjoy the reaps of his/her labor and just let go of the bitter attitude and jealousy. Release this attitude and adopt a grateful one, without giving notice to your circumstances. It’s not too late for you to start to sow. When you do, make sure to keep planting on good soil and in due season, you will reap the bountiful harvest God has for you. Amen.

Sowing good seeds into your life,

Leticia J. Santa Cruz


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