Dedicate Prayer Time to God

“Time spent in prayer with God is not time wasted; it is time invested!”

–Leticia S.C.

Prayer is an act that seeks to activate an open communication line with us and God through deliberate steps from our part. It is through this act of supplication or intercession directed toward our Lord Almighty that we get to have a real connection to our actual Source! Talking with God can bring us closer to Him where He can be also closer to us. To invite Him into our lives, we invite good, great, and powerful blessings that pour on us from the expanse of Heaven.

Rejoice always, pray continually,

give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

(1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)

Prayers are essential to a Christian life. It must become a daily lifestyle for us to see God at hand. When we communicate our worries and insecurities to Him, we are really talking, not to ourselves, like some people think, but to The One who is above All. Not many people can understand this. The direct phone call to Heaven means so much to God. We can align ourselves with Him by humbling down into prayer and supplication; He can radically improve us from within.

When we start to open up to the Lord, everything starts to change as we let Him help us with our lives. We don’t need to live life alone without His help. We consciously choose to turn from God, but there is a better way through prayer. Connect with God today and it will be the best decision for your life. Give Him a chance. Don’t close your heart to Him. He has never closed His heart on you. He doesn’t want you to live with the heavy burdens of life. Choose to turn in that heavy load of a backpack to God for peace and tranquility. The results of this decision will make you feel weightless.

Being ourselves during prayer is all that God is looking for. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to talk for hours at a time, but it does involve you shutting out distractions, closing your eyes, and acknowledging that you are a sinner before God. This is what it means to humble down to God. We must know who we are and why we need to pray to God. He formed us and needs us because He loves us and always has. We need Him because we are sinners who cannot change on our own strength.

Devote yourselves to prayer,

being watchful and thankful.’

(Colossians 4:2)

Prayer is a humble submission to God, without pride, knowing there is a higher power that you can count on. This is our Heavenly Father at work. There is no god other than Him. God wants us to pray. This is how He can get closer into our lives. He asks permission and doesn’t want forced prayer. He looks at the state of your heart. He knows when you are being sincere and when you aren’t.

Choose to spend time with God, so that He can mold you into the person He wants you to become. The person that He needs you to become, so that you can do His will. He has special work for you. It is up to you to come into contact with Him and accept His phone calls by answering Him in prayer. This is the only line that matters. Your cell phone is Earthly, but prayer plus faith is the spiritual form of a phone. Without Him we are lost, so honor your Father who would like to hear from you. We are the lost sheep of His pasture looking for our Shepherd. He is the Good Shepherd in search for His sheep.

What is also very beneficial is the act of writing a daily prayer in a prayer journal. Keep one near your bed before you sleep, as it will help you talk to the Lord easily. Prayer writing helps heal the soul and de-clutter all your feelings that are surging around in your mind, thus, winding down your thoughts after a busy day. So today, start with this prayer. I have viewed the video and took the time to write this prayer out so that you may follow along. It is effective in requiring your attention to be present with God in the moment.

‘Then you will call on me

and come and pray to me,

and I will listen to you.’

Jeremiah 29:12

I hope that you, too, can implement prayer journaling into practice and sit down to write it as it will help you solely meditate on God without any distractions. He values you so much. We must, as His children, obey our Father God. We must respect Him and value Him to write from our hearts. Think of this prayer as your practice. You might want to close the door behind you, set aside your phone, grab some paper and a pen, a desk and a chair, and start your journey with God. If you would like to do so later, that is also completely fine, just follow along with me.

Praying always to the Lord,

L. Joy Santa Cruz


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