A Letter To All Humanity

‘Salvation is Found in Jesus Christ Alone’

🩸We are saved by His blood
Jesus Christ, Savior of the World;
Washes us white as snow from our sins.
He took our punishment on the cross
and He died a brutal death for our sins.

🌟But, behold!
That is not the end.
Our Shepherd is ALIVE!
He is alive now and forever!!!!
Jesus rose again on the 3rd day
What miracle of wonders!

🙌Thank you God for sending Your Son
He paid the price on that cross
For anyone who wants salvation
It is theirs if they seek You, Lord
It is theirs freely given

🙏🏻Pray to the Father, that He hears you
Brothers and sisters in Christ
For you and I can have everlasting life
so that now we can walk freely
with Him in His glory; in His Kingdom
For He has forgiven our debts
And all we have to do is accept Him

💖To believe in Him; To have faith in Him
And confess with your mouth
that He is the Son of God,
The Messiah who was to come
And came into the world
Born from a virgin named Mary
To save mankind from their sin
To rid them of impurity and
Make them white as snow

🕊So we get to decide because of free will
Heaven with God or Hell with Satan
We make a choice every day that we wake
Every day that we live and breathe
Either to walk with Him, to be reborn
Made new with a clean spirit inside
The Holy Spirit that resides within you

🎊Choice is yours,
either to die to your flesh
and live in the spirit
Or choose the dark path
There is no in between
Be warned because Hell is real
But Heaven is also for real
And Jesus is waiting for you
To come to Him quickly
He will be coming back Soon!

👑But now we are able to live with Him
We can choose to do good, to live for Him,
and follow Him to do His work
The work He has for you here on Earth
And to seek God and get to enter Heaven
We need a personal relationship with Jesus

🌎For this Earth won’t do
Here everything withers with moth, etc.
But be diligent in all our ways
To serve the Lord because He is good

🌱It is a daily decision each of us make
If we choose to be saved or not to be
It is a personal choice to believe in Jesus
Or not to believe in Him
Who the Father sent

💧But we have lived the life
This world has to offer
And yet we are never satisfied
Always needing more of what it offers us
But with GOD, He will give to you
from the everlasting river of life
And your cup will overflow

✝️Will we choose to carry our cross
and live for Him today?
or continue our ways that never work out?
Because apart from God we can do nothing
O, what amazing grace!

👏It is a free gift from God alone
My Humble and Precious Redeemer
Christ Jesus, My Lord
Has saved us all by His Holy Righteous Blood
What Victory we find in Him!

In love and peace,

Leticia J. Santa Cruz

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Published by Daily Joy

Hi there everyone! You might know me from Daily Bible Quotes on social media. My name is Leticia Joy and I created this blog (Daily Joy) to hopefully inspire you to give your life to Christ. He alone can help you change and bring you into a deeper relationship with Him. Amen.

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