A Diamond Quest

“A diamond doesn’t start out polished and shining. It once was nothing special, but with enough pressure and time, becomes spectacular.” –

Solange Nicole

Diamonds are one of the hardest natural substances known to mankind, but did you also know that gems are found nearly 25 miles beneath the Earth’s surface, and diamonds are found even deeper than that at around 100 miles below the surface of the upper mantle? Talk about digging for treasure!

We have only scratched the surface of gemstone discovery. There is still so much more to be explored and geologists suggest there must be quadrillion tons of diamonds hidden underground. Still, with human ability, it must take geologists countless hours in efforts to locate these God-given treasures that run miles deep.

We’re talking about pressures and weight that sit on these diamonds miles below, trapping them for billions of years until they crystalize. This is an extremely hot portion of Earth. These crystals are commonly found clothed by an outer rock covering. The diamond itself is essentially a chain of carbon atoms that have crystallized in kimberlite rocks. They are wonderfully made of this one single element. Carbon being 99% of it, make diamonds as strong and resilient as they come.

We know diamonds are at the top of the list when it comes to most expensive jewels. They are striking by nature and their appearance enhances and even illuminates the one who wears them. They are sharp and perfectly cut, crafted with precision. Some are indefinitely man-made, yet others are all-natural cut diamonds. The light that reflects off of their surfaces make them really pretty, having two words written all over them-‘extravagant excellence.’

Do you want to know a really fun fact? Research suggest these shiny marvels are older than any land dwelling plants or animals. It has even been thought that diamonds date as old as the dinosaur age, even beyond that. Most diamonds are now believed to have been formed from ancient carbon in magma, as old as the Earth itself. That is an estimation of 4.5 billion years ago.

This time-frame gives us a certain comprehension of knowledge when we are talking about the creation of diamonds. These beauties are taken out of the rubble in pure conditions appearing ageless, wrapped up like presents. The crystals look so radiant to us even when they are still stuck inside kimberlite rock and need the extra help from diamond experts to fully shine in all their eminence. I believe this is God’s way of encasing their outstanding beauty, until they are found and taken care of by the work of diamond master craftsmanship. Diamonds undergo a series of processes before ever looking as the perfect diamonds you see in stores being sold everywhere.

These men and women need to have a keen sense of direction in order to know what to look out for and where to find these gems. When they do finally find the valuables, field laborers need to transport all recovered potential rocks back to facilities in where they specialize in breaking the shells that encase the diamonds. Using machinery and robots, the diamonds go through rigorous trails in order to make them the shiny objects we recognize as diamonds. This process is quite the adventure for the diamonds, but in the end their glory will be able to be seen for ages.

Since crystals are found below the Earth, miners need to be careful on how they dig up this adorned prize, making sure to be precise on their calculations and accuracy of where to start the dig and how far down they must reach. This is an inconceivably difficult project, but the diamond’s alluring charm is what helps these specialized groups of trained men and women do their job correctly. They know to be watchful every time they go explore for gemstones of all sorts. This is a meticulous operation, but the rewards pay off so well and the satisfaction of finding Earth’s best kept secrets is gratifying.

In fact, diamonds found in kimberlite are extremely valuable, but undergoing a refinement process boost their value 4x as much! To be able to recover diamonds and other gems is a very hard job; they must be able to keep their faith all the way through their hunt to find the perfect little needles in the haystack.

Precisely, diamonds can withstand almost anything. They are regarded with such importance that they are worn by all the major celebrities, those who wish to propose to their fiancés, and almost the entire population on Earth is fascinated by these clear or colored crystals. The most famous phrase being, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.’ They are here to stay. It’s a fact that they never go out of fashion as they will never go out of demand. No surprise, both male and females have been seen wearing diamonds, as they are a favorite piece for jewelry-making set in gold and white gold. Prices keep rising to obtain such rarity in carat size, but people are always willing to pay hundreds even thousands of dollars to have their own diamonds to wear, the cost being irrelevant.

Truth be told, these laborers of love dig extremely deep to reach for them day after day. They dedicate countless hours searching for the rocks with potential. Some have stayed at a site from early dawn to dusk. That is how much time and effort is put into locating these gemstones. Workers tirelessly, rise and work, devoting themselves to finding the gemstones that will make people’s lives all the merrier for momentous occasions such as engagements, weddings, quinceañeras, sweet 16ths, and more that’ll last a lifetime. This is delicate work and one with great responsibility.

Now that I’ve given you a real perspective on what it takes for diamonds to reach the jewelry stores, eventually being sold, hopefully you can appreciate them even more. Value the time and effort of the ones who go into the designated area of lands to toil, bringing with them gems of all sorts. From the goodness of God, Earth stores up these finely-tuned, fancy pieces of art that require attentive work to be seen in full embodiment.

In the same fashion, God is looking for diamonds in the rough just like the major geologists are and you are one of these special diamonds. You may not know it or understand this concept, but it is a fact that He made you perfect in His eyes even before you were conceived. But, since the initial sin occurred, we now are all covered in outer rock.

Let’s face it, our hearts have hardened towards other people. As a nation, we are separated by religions and consumed in political propaganda. Instead of uniting as one nation under God, we go and hurt each other. There doesn’t seem to be many people with gratitude towards our Father in Heaven. Our hearts keep shrinking in love and it’s not until we let the shell crack open, like kimberlite breaking off of the diamonds, that God will gain access into our lives. He wants good things for you. When you let God in to begin His perfect work within you, that is what He will create. That is what He does best–He brings the best version of ‘you’ to the limelight. But we are broken, sinful by our very nature, and even then, God looks past all of our flaws.

“Because you are precious in my eyes, and honored, I love you.”

Isaiah 43:4 (ESV)

Because despite this, God still wants us. We are His creation. We are the diamonds of His eyes. What He created still remains inside of that igneous rock, a heart pure as when He birthed you. He wants to help us break out of our rocks, be set free, and shine at all angles, but we must want that for ourselves first. If you don’t want to break out of the shell holding you back from shining your true potential, then God cannot intervene. He will not force you to come out, you must want to break free if you desire to dazzle like diamonds in the sky. God is only trying to help you, but if you don’t receive the help, how then will you be set free?

He is still at work day and night, moving mountains to get to you. He is digging up wastelands in search for you. He is in search for YOU throughout the world. God is crying out for you to hear His voice that is whispering in your ears. Have you responded to Him yet? He wants to help you and find you. Can you hear Him so near? God wants you to start looking for Him too. He goes wherever He needs to go to try and find you. You are never too far away that He cannot reach you.

If you reach out and let God help you, He will gladly pick you up like a geologist picks up kimberlite rock. Knowing there is value in those rocks, they will collect as many as they can to reach for the diamonds locked within. God is at work collecting inner beauty. He can see the hearts of those who are reaching for Him and those who reject Him. There is not much He can do for the people who refuse His help, but for those of us who love the Lord and want His help, there will be mercy and grace given by God.

When God plucks you out of the world, He will restore you anew just like talented diamond refiners are careful with their jewels, that is how God is with you. He is nice, gentle, loving, and patient throughout your journey to salvation. He will craft you until all your edges are defined to perfection.

No matter how far the distance is, He will go as far as He needs to in order to rescue you out of the rough places you are stuck at. You are a rare gem to Him, a crystal, a diamond and no matter the depths He needs to reach you, He will get there to you. No matter all the rubble in the way, He will dig for miles and keep digging in search for you. He is willing to do so in order for you to be with Him so that you will be saved. After God finds you and sees you covered in sin, He can then start to clean you and pay close attention to detail, shaping you uniquely beautiful so that your true colors and shine and you will reflect pure light.

“As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world.”

John 15:19 (NIV)

God would love to help you become like the rarity of a glimmering diamond. Do you have the willpower to stand up and raise your hand out of the crowd? Will you be that diamond in the rubble searching refinement by the Lord, Your God? God is on a rescue mission to save your soul from Hell and give you lasting life in eternity through Jesus. He is on a diamond quest to find you and He will not stop for anything until He succeeds. God alone can turn you beautiful, stripping away all the darkness and purifying you through trials and tribulation, leaving you as stellar as ever. This is His love for you. He does things to help cleanse the person who you are right now, reshaping you into the person you are meant to become. God is searching for you like geologists search for diamonds in the rubble. His love knows no boundaries. He will pursue you because you are His child.

God is inspecting the kimberlite finely, to get to the heart of it. You are the diamond inside of the kimberlite tough outer shell. By His hands, you will go through the fire of master purification. As He goes through all the dirt to get to you, don’t you give up. He sees your heart and He knows all you have endured. Don’t cry in pain, He is reaching for your heart, sparkling brightly against the terrain.

His light searches for the soul that burns in desire to get closer to Him and know Him face to face. He is yearning for that type of diamond. You don’t have to be perfect when He finds you. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, He will clean off the rough edges and help you to become ‘a new you’. Diamonds when found in the debris are this way also, but the artisan dedicates time to treat it. God will do the same in your life. He will be alongside you, crafting you too until you are impeccably polished.

God is exploring people’s hearts. He is looking for individuals who want to be refined and transformed by His Holy Hand. When a diamond is found, it needs to undergo a series of steps, procedures in order to bring out its true beauty. The same is true about us. In God’s eyes, we are His diamonds. Through our human vision, we sometimes miss that. Either we believe in God, but don’t see it this way, or we completely do not believe in God what-so-ever. God is real, for The Bible tells us so and He is still trying with your soul even when you resist Him.

When God created you, it was in perfection. We sinned against Him and we continue to be transgressors. Because of our evil ways, we must go through the refinement that God wants us to encounter. Through it, we will start to recognize that we are in fact diamonds. All the rocky mess will start to break away and God will gloriously release you into the light of love and truth.

He can help transform us into the most beautiful diamonds on the planet, but only if your heart will allow God to enter it. Diamonds never disappoint to shine. Trust and have faith in God that in His perfect timing, He will help you transform into a uniquely gorgeous diamond.

May the love of Christ be with you!

Shining brightly in the Lord,

Leticia Joy Santa Cruz


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  1. Diamonds are my favorite gemstone. Thank you for sharing this awesome information, I really appreciate it. Thank you for sharing the Scriptures as well. I will see myself in a new way now. We are all His Diamonds. Stay safe and God bless.

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