Prodigal Son Song

Artist: Cory Asbury


1]And how faintly I remember your love song over me
But the further that I wonder, the noise is deafening
Now the only thing I feel is how far you are away
But this distance now between us is driving me insane


Father I miss you
My heart is ready now
To follow the sound
The sound of your voice
That echoes inside

Father I’m desperate
I lost my way somehow
I follow the truth
The truth of your love
Back into the light
Lead me back home
Lead me back home

2]And I traded trust for pleasure
And diamonds for fool’s gold
I made the world my treasure, but under-priced my soul
And a whisper through the numbness, a melody uphold
That love song I remember is leading me back home


3]But I never reached the gate before you come running to me
All the words I rehearsed for days, just fall at your feet
Lord, I never reached the gate before you come running to me
All the years I threw away in one embrace are redeemed


Father I missed you
My heart is overwhelmed
Here in your arms is where I belong
Forever at home

Father I love you
Nothing can take your place
You were the first and you’ll be the last, lover of my soul /Lead me back home/ (repeat x8)

Come Back Home to Jesus

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Published by Daily Joy

Hi there everyone! You might know me from Daily Bible Quotes on social media. My name is Leticia Joy and I created this blog (Daily Joy) to hopefully inspire you to give your life to Christ. He alone can help you change and bring you into a deeper relationship with Him. Amen.

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