Do You Think of Others?

How did it feel the last time you got a gift from someone, maybe it was for your birthday, or on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or another occasion? It must have been pretty exciting to know that someone cared about you and thought of you. We want to know that someone cares for us, thinks of us, and will be there for us when we need them, don’t we?

Humans are not meant to be alone in life. We are social people and like to associate with others every day, either at work, at home with family, at school, or with online friends. While the way we communicate with others varies, it is the connection that matters. We always want to have a strong bond with people because that is ingrained in us. We desire the company of others and how they differ from us. God made us this way so we could enjoy relationships that add value to our lives, to share stories, talents, conversations, and memories with each other. Who are you most closely connected to and why? I bet you truly do care about that person very much that you would give them the shirt off of your back if they needed it, am I right? Well, as we come across this verse in the Bible, we will see that we should love others as much.

Philippians 2:3-4 (ESV) says ‘Do nothing from selfish ambition or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.’

The Bible is full of good knowledge and we can never learn enough of it. Every day that you open it, is another day that you open up blessings into your life. The less you open it, the less the blessings show up in your life. This is simply true because if you actively seek God by opening His Word each and every day that passes by, He will guide you through life and you will always have hope and happiness and abundance because He loves to bless those who look for Him so please listen to this verse and put others first before yourself and trust God that you will never lack anything.

Try your very best to place the needs of other people before your own, even if you think you have very little yourself. God loves a good and righteous soul. This pleases God and will in turn make you happy as well. Believe it or not, happy people are givers. Study shows that people who give to other people are ‘hardwired’ to feel brain changes of contentment and it will show in other areas of their life. So, I hope you set this advice into practice and start becoming a giver, not just a taker. Give to the closest people around you and then, extend a helping hand to others outside of your little circle, allowing yourself to feel content with helping charities or other people who you know are in need. It is so important for people to know and feel that there are still good people out there that care about their well-being.

For example, there are so many people who are in need of clothing, so maybe if you have extra clothes hung away that you never wear and it’s been in your closet for a year or more, then maybe some of it could go to someone who would actually wear it because some people are in great need of this generosity. You might not see it because you are blessed with so much, but, it is a fact, a real fact, that others aren’t as fortunate as you may be. So, you see, don’t close your eyes on the need of others. If you have enough, don’t be afraid to share anything. You could simply start by helping someone with a bag of clothing and maybe some shoes that you have tucked away in the closet that you never touch. How much you want to give away is up to you, but it is nice to do so. There are so many things such as food that you could donate, or toys for kids.

Gifting should always be out of kindness of your heart. Don’t ever feel forced to give, if you don’t feel like giving then simply don’t. Feeling forced to give away something is a bad way of going about things and will not bring you joy when you do it. But from within your heart, you should feel it with no hesitation. You will know when the right time is because you will feel a pull on your heart do donate that is hard not to acknowledge. I speak from experience, as I have many, many times felt it from the Holy Spirit tell me it is time to give.

Every day is a right time to give your time to someone you care about. If you need to stop putting work in front of your family, then keep work at work and let home be home with your family. Try spending more time with your spouse, or with your children and enjoy with them their favorite sport or watch with them their favorite cartoon or read to them their favorite bedtime story. It is all about thinking of others, no matter how little it may be, remember it is the little things in life that count. At first, it could be hard to give your time like this if you don’t set time for the people you most love, so try your best to balance work and home to be happy.

Show Love Towards People

Have heart and pay close attention to listen to God, then you will be a blessing to others if you act accordingly to God’s will. On the other hand, if you dismiss it, then you nor the other person will be blessed. Don’t miss the blessings. Yes, giving is a blessing, it might not seem like it since it is subtracting from what you have, but it is a blessing to the receiver and to the giver. Trust God’s word and obey it, making sure to understand it. To do this, do not forget to dedicate time for God, morning and night you should soak in His word because God will give you love to love others and to love yourself. All this ties into giving. Give your time to God, your maker and giver of life.

The act of giving should be simple, not hard. You shouldn’t have to over think things. If you feel it, do it and listen to that still small voice inside. If you can’t afford to give money to someone, then try to give your time or of your belongings. Easiest way is to separate into different piles or bags what you want to keep and what you would like to donate to others. Simple! And it makes you happier to be able to help others who need and don’t have money to buy for themselves. Have the heart of God and become a generous person just like He gives us life every day. He is a giver; let us be more like God. He gave us Jesus; let us be more like Jesus. Jesus gave us life again when He took our sins on the cross; we should give and be more like Jesus. We learn that we should always give because God is this way. If you feel this is for you, maybe God is calling you to reach down into your heart and find what you can do to help someone in need.

To recap, you can start small by giving from what you already have to someone you know needs clothing, or maybe to a donation center like Goodwill, or to those donation bins found throughout your city. There are many ways to donate some of your items that will make a huge difference in someone’s life. It doesn’t have to be about helping a homeless person in the busy street begging for money. Of course, that does always help that person as well, and we don’t know what drove them to the point of becoming homeless so we shouldn’t judge them, but help them. The point is that you can do your part even if that involves volunteering your time at a local hospital, church, or other organization. This is something that you don’t need money to do, you just need to dedicate some time say 2-3+ hours and that would allow you to bless others even if you can’t help with money.

Plant the Seeds That Will Help Other People Grow

Each one of us are called to help. Referring back to the verse in Philippians 2:3-4, it said that each of us should look to the interest of others and not just our own. This is amazing advice. Yes, we should be this way as this advice will give our lives a happy boost. You can’t get happiness by doing all the wrong things in life and living only for yourself, being greedy and hoarding up treasures here on Earth is not the right thing to do. If you have enough for yourself and see someone else’s need and just walk away, you are not helping yourself nor that other person. But how much happiness will it bring both of you if you give because you are blessed and have much to be able to give. By doing good deeds, you sew little mustard seeds into people’s lives that will allow them to grow just like giving a seed what it needs to thrive: water, soil, and sunlight to grow into a plant. This is why I like plants. It is beautiful to see it grow, now how much more beautiful is it to see your fellow brother and sister in Christ grow. They too will grow in a happy environment and so will you.

If you would like to give to the Daily Joy Charity, please don’t hesitate to help out. You will find the link below. In turn, I hope that in your heart you feel at peace with helping other people grow. This is what being charitable is all about, building up each other so we can all share lots of happiness that God has for us.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article and may the Lord bless your life and the lives of those you love.

Your sister in Christ,

Leticia Joy Santa Cruz


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